Hidden allergies.
Are they the problem? A grant from Amy's Wishing Well could be the solution

Amy's Story

Amy and kids

My sons were facing a health crisis and all I wanted was answers. How could I help them get well? After much research and a willingness to make changes, we were fortunate to have access to those who could help us, but many more children and families are not as lucky. Today, too many people are struggling with unresolved health issues. In founding Amy’s Wishing Well, I hope to offer answers and access to healing solutions. My wish is for others to get well.

Our Focus

Our mission is to promote the benefits of food, healthy living, and integrative healing for the improvement of health and wellness. We focus our efforts on providing education, financial assistance, and access to resources that support this mission. Amy’s Wishing Well seeks to empower those suffering from unresolved chronic health conditions with an opportunity to discover and pursue new paths for healing.

Our grant programs offer access to treatment protocols that are often not easily accessible due to a limited number of experienced doctors and practitioners, services may not be covered by health insurance, and a lack of professional, group or educational supports in place. These protocols were most beneficial in improving the health of Amy’s sons and inspired her to create Amy’s Wishing Well as a way to pay it forward and help others who desire similar access and resources.

Our educational programs have two main objectives. First, we focus on offering individuals information on a variety of food, healthy living, and integrative healing topics to empower others to make positive steps toward improving their health and wellness. Second, we seek to offer continuing education programs for health and wellness practitioners to broaden their knowledge of various integrative modalities so they can be a better resource for their patients and clients.

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Hidden allergies are often a cause of unresolved health issues. Through the Know More Allergies Grant Program, grant recipients gain access to specialized doctors to perform allergen tests, health coaches to assist with diet modifications, and products and services to implement a six-month neutralization protocol to improve their health.

Our Leadership

Amy Hull Brown
Amy Hull Brown Founder & Executive Director

Amy founded Amy’s Wishing Well Inc with the goal of paying forward to others the knowledge gained through her success in improving the health of her twin sons diagnosed with autism and ADHD. As Executive Director, Amy is primarily responsible for overseeing all aspects of program development, marketing and fundraising efforts of Amy’s Wishing Well Inc.

Fueled by her success in recovering her sons and a desire to learn more, Amy returned to school to become a certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is certified as a nutritional consultant through the Global College of Natural Medicine, a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a natural foods chef through the Natural Kitchen Cooking School and a GAPS practitioner. She continues to study internationally on the principles of homotoxicology, biotherapeutic drainage and organotherapy and couples these disciplines with her knowledge of food and nutrition into individualized healing plans for her wellness clients.

Lisa Rudley
Lisa Rudley Director of Grant Development

Lisa joined Amy’s Wishing Well as Director of Grant Development to oversee all aspects of the grant programs offered by the organization. In her capacity, Lisa works closely with the review committee, grant recipients and practitioners to ensure successful implementation of our various grant programs. Lisa met Amy many years ago while traveling down a similar path of recovery for her son Max, and later, as Founder of Vitalize Health and Wellness, a natural health alternatives consulting practice. She is a certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and completed training in the areas of homotoxicology and Reiki.